Cambourne is 8miles West of Cambridge just off the A428 Cambridge to St Neots Road.

Feel free to browse our map highlighting the main facilities and points of interest within the three villages (Great, Lower and Upper) within the community of Cambourne.

You can zoom and pan the map and click on any point of interest to get further information.

If you have any suggestions to add to the map then email the Parish Clerk at


23 May 2017
 Following the resignation of Simon Crocker from the Parish Council, there is now a vacancy for a Councillor. Please see attached notice for details.
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15 May 2017
New group for those in the early stages of demetia with an interest in farming and agriculture.
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28 April 2017
 There will be no Planning meeting Tuesday 2nd May as no planning applications have been received. The Annual Parish Council meeting will begin at 7.30pm
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