20 September 2008    
Parish Newsletter September 2008

Street Lighting:


The Parish Council would like to ensure that street lights are fully working especially now that evenings are drawing in.


This is not necessarily straight forward as there are so many different responsible contractors. Normally in villages reports would be made - just to the County Council.  In Cambourne the consortium are responsible for the main spine roads identified by the taller columns such as in School Lane, Jeavons Lane, Monkfield Lane, Greenhaze Lane, Back Lane, Eastgate, Sterling Way and Brace Dein.  Individual builders such as Bovis, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon, Charles Church, Bloor etc are responsible for housing area roads and footpaths.  Bollard lighting is the responsibility of residents living adjacent.


You are welcome to contact them yourselves, however all you need to do is contact the clerk who will acknowledge your enquiry and contact the right one.  It can still take a while, but you can be assured that action is being taken.


If necessary a system of tagging will be introduced.  Councillor Dominic Plunkett has done an initial survey and identified 180 lights that are out.



Date         Time         Meeting

7th  Oct    7.30pm    Council

21st Oct   7.30pm    Planning Committee

                8.00pm    Leisure and amenities


Residents are welcome to address the meeting before it formally starts on any matter that is on the agenda. If you have something else you would like to raise, please contact the Parish Clerk at least 10 days beforehand so that the item can be added if necessary.


John Vickery the Parish Clerk is available at Parish Office, The Hub, High Street, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6GW. Telephone 01954 714403 or by   e-mail at The Parish Clerk will normally be in the office between 9.30 and 1.00 o’clock Monday to Friday and by appointment at other times

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22 August 2008    
Parish Newletter August 2008

Road adoption, road safety measures, verges, parking and road maintenance standards are all matters which cause considerable (and sometimes heated) discussion within our community.


In recognition of this, the Parish Council have established a working group, to consult and liaise with all interested parties.  This group is chaired by myself, Michelle Stevens.


As a Parish Council, we opted to create a ‘working group’ as this does not have to conform to the formality that a traditional Council Committee has to.  This means that as a group, we can actively encourage and welcome the views and opinions of residents, local businesses and community organisations. 


Many readers will have reviewed the excerpts from minutes taken at a recent meeting held between the Traffic Working Group and representatives of the County Council, reported on the front page of the August issue of Cambourne Crier.  A full copy of these minutes is available via the Cambourne Parish Council website in the minutes section.


This initial meeting provided the Traffic Working Group with an opportunity to clarify adoption process and raise certain concerns with the County Council representatives.  We anticipate that this is the first of such meetings and hope that we can move forward the road adoption of Cambourne via a consultative approach. 


Whilst this meeting did highlight some potential obstacles, as a group we remain positive and I can confirm that we will continue to challenge these matters for the benefit of all.


Our next Traffic Working Group meeting is scheduled for 2nd September 2008.  The meeting will commence at 6.30pm and be held in the Parish Clerks Office, the Hub.  Full minutes will be taken and published on the CPC website. 


Members of the public are welcome to attend or can communicate any matters they wish to be raised by emailing me -

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26 July 2008    
Cambourne Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) Update
During the past week the local Police neighbourhood team have been carrying out both plain clothes and high visibility patrols of Cambourne and the surrounding villages.
This has resulted in the confiscation and disposal of a large amount of alcohol. One person has also received a fixed penalty ticket of £80 for supplying alcohol to underage persons in Cambourne. A small amount of tobacco was also disposed of from persons to young to be in possession of it.
The Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) hope this sends the right message to both the people committing these offences and also to the local residents who can be assured that the local NPT is taking Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) seriously in our neighbourhood.
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