23 July 2008    
Parish Newletter July 2008
Following on from June's Parish Council Newsletter where you were introduced to your Parish Council employees I would like to introduce you to the Leisure and Amenities Committee. Seven Councillors work on this committee and they look after all Cambourne's Amenities. This committee meets every two months and make recommendations to full council on related issues.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 23rd September at 8pm.

Councillors on L&A Committee:
Ruth Poulton: Chairman of L&A and also responsible for sport. Liaison with the sports clubs is through meetings held the Tuesday prior to L&A meetings. You are all welcome to attend these meetings which  are normally held in the Lower Cambourne Cricket Pavilion, starting at 7pm.
Tom Hudson is responsible for playgrounds and open spaces. At present he is busy working with the grounds staff to prepare the playgrounds ready for the school holidays, in line with the ROSPA report. He is very concerned about broken glass around Cambourne. If you see any please let us know about it via the Parish office, so that it can be cleared up.
Anne Doyle is about to take on responsibility for the Hub. Helping to solve any problems and oversee improvements. Although not a member of L&A Dominic Plunkett is working to develop equipment for Drama and Concerts.
Michelle Stevens has taken on all youth related activities and is the CPC representative on the Cambourne Youth Partnership.
Rachel Clements is the councillor for the allotments.
Clayton Hudson, Parish Chairman and Roger Hume, Vice Chairman also serve on this committee.
I would like to make a special plea to all dog owners-
Please respect the pitches and prevent dogs running freely over them. It takes the grounds' staff up to 3 hours each week to clear dog mess before they can cut the pitches.
Cllr Ruth Poulton (Chairman of L& A Committee, Cambourne Parish Council)

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16 July 2008    
Website Goes Live

The new website for Cambourne Parish Council went live today.


The site will be a major benefit for the residents of Cambourne allowing them to get information on the work of the Parish Council within Cambourne.


On the site, visitors will find information on councillors (including how to contact them), latest news, assets, dates of meetings, agendas and minutes. 


The website is still work in progress and it will be added to and improved as the year goes on. 


We hope you find the site both useful and informative however if you are unable to find the information you require please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk by email at or by phone on 01954 714403. 


It would be remiss of me not to thank Dan Croft @ Just Digital for his efforts in ensuring that deadlines were met. 


Clayton Hudson (Chairman Cambourne Parish Council)


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10 July 2008    
Parish Council fights back against 'slum' slur

Cambourne was attacked by Robin Page in an opinion piece on Saturday 6th July 2008 in the Daily Telegraph where he went on to suggest the village was known locally as 'Crimebourne'. The article is available online at

Mr Page, a former elected member of South Cambs District Council, launched an attack on Cambourne as part of an article discussing "eco-towns".

He wrote: "One 'sustainable community', Cambourne, lies a few miles away from my village. It is now known locally as Crimebourne. In my view, it is already well on the way to becoming a 21st-century slum."


As a Cambourne resident and Chairman of the Parish Council I truly believe Cambourne is a great place to live and through the media I have leapt to the defence of the village supported by fellow councillors and residents.


The wonderful open spaces coupled with a comparatively small community which has a supermarket, building society, chemist, hairdresser, betting shop, dry cleaner as well as pub, a four star hotel and a selection of eating places makes its a vibrant and expanding community.  Additionally we have a health centre, library, youth and community centres, skate park, sport pitches and cricket pavilion (not counting the 20 or so clubs that use these facilities) and a sports centre under construction.


As for crime, Cambourne from figures provided by Cambridgeshire Constabulary can be considered as one of the most crime-free areas of the country.


Mr Page is welcome to his views, but if it were true then no one would choose to live here.  Cambourne continues to be very pleasant place to live.


Clayton Hudson (Chairman Cambourne Parish Council)

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