06 June 2008    
Gift for Cambourne Youth

Cambourne Parish Council continued support of the Cambourne Youth Partnership and its Cambourne Soul Youth Building was reinforced today with the presentation of a £5,000 cheque. Andrew Lansley, MP for South Cambridgeshire visited the Cambourne Soul Youth Building and accepted a cheque from Cambourne Parish Councillor Ruth Poulton, in his capacity as patron of the Cambourne Youth Partnership.

The money has been granted to the partnership to support its development and day-to-day running costs, currently the youth partnership runs 3 youth clubs each week. Cllr Poulton commented that the Parish Council is keen to support young people through the Cambourne Youth Partnership and many youth and sports clubs in the village.

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08 May 2008    
Message from Clayton Hudson (Chairman Cambourne Parish Council)

Under my chairmanship key message is "Care about Cambourne". I have lived in Cambourne since 2000, got involved in community issues for example streetlights, litter and dog bins from 2004 onwards and joined the Parish Council in September 2006.


Why be the Chairman you ask?


I truly Care about Cambourne and feel that I can contribute something positive as Chairman. I hope through my leadership I am able to drive change on specific issues that concern the residents of Cambourne.

My 3 top priorities:


1. Best service at best possible cost for the precept paying residents of Cambourne. The parish council is ~£250k business and needs to be run as such and the residents need to clearly understand how there precept is being spent for the benefit of Cambourne.


2. The Cambourne Masterplan (i.e. Upper Cambourne, 3rd school, Expansions). Lobby and collaborate with the developers, SCDC, county council to ensure the agreed masterplan is delivered apon in a timely manner. Priority towards resolving the 3rd primary school. Neither I or any member of the parish council bought into the concept that primary aged school children should be bussed to school outside Cambourne. Although a Parish Council has limited authority in this area its key we represent the views and opinions of the people we serve to the wider audience.


3. Image / Perception of Cambourne. Cambourne is a lovely place the live and 1000's of people / families have chosen to make it there home. More recently rightly or wrongly we have received negative press. I have pledged to get the Cambourne Parish Council website live in 90 days to allow the council to communicate with a wider audience. In addition over the coming weeks and months I want the Parish Committees and Working Parties to report directly to Parishioners at large, by writing articles about their work in the Parish Council Report page of the Parish Magazine (Cambourne Crier) and the wider local press (Hunts Post, Cambourne Weekly and Cambridge Evening News).


Any resident please feel free to call, text or e-mail me directly. I look forward to working for you all in the coming weeks and months.


Clayton Hudson (Chairman Cambourne Parish Council)

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